God didn’t say what type of ‘another’

Why does our PM do something as stupid as putting the gay marriage issue to a conscience vote? We all know how she feels about the subject…and she’s up a tree.

Our PM believes same-sex marriage is wrong, but she doesn’t go as far as banning it. Why? Because banning same-sex marriage would violate the Australian Constitution on church/state separation. In spite of having an active Religious Right, Australia is a secular country and, as such, religion has nothing to do with marriage. Marriage is not a sacrament in Australian law. Two people can – and do – get married in a registry office. In a matter of minutes they exchange vows and that ‘s it. The Christian Rightists, disguising this issue as a moral and social one, obscure its patently religious roots.

Does God give approval only to hetero marriage? If so, why? Christ said: ‘Love one another’. He didn’t say, ‘but make sure the “other” is not of the same sex’.

Marie Gordon,
CLA member,
Palmerston ACT

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