Inhumane law distresses the dying

For decades opinion polls have shown that 80% of people would support the decision by Angie Belecciu* to end her life with dignity as she suffered from incurable, painful bone cancer. (“Angie`s choice” The Age 25/3).

Angie chose Nembutal, a barbiturate drug used by vets to euthanase animals. But this drug of choice, sought by terminally ill people in great distress, was banned by the Howard Government in 2005. The penalty for importing this drug into Australia without a permit is up to 25 years imprisonment or a $550,000 fine.

People willingly support laws that are fair and just but will question laws that governments have introduced to gain office or pander to vocal sectional interests.

The prohibition of Nembutal is a glaring example of an inhumane law that brings further distress to those wishing to die with dignity, at a time of their choosing, in the company of their loved ones.
Keith McEwan, CLA member, Bendigo, Victoria
* see The Age article.

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  1. The reason people who are either disabled or ?terminally ill feel they would be better off dead is that the fit and healthy continue to make them feel that they are are a blot on society and do not deserve to live. This is the message that is loud and clear from a retired nurse who has cared for these wonderful people and know this is being pushed upon them. They are really the same people they were and think the same and are really happy even though they may be disabled or terminally ill. You can be terminally ill and not be in pain or if you are in pain there are many medications and exercises and activities that absolutely releive that pain and in fact if carried out at right timing actually prevents that pain. All in the way you look at things. Their life is still worthwhile .Stop making them feel worthless because that is what is happening.

    Meg Thornton

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