It’s time to grow up!

Judy Bamberger is an Australian by choice, and she’s fed up with Australian Parliamentarians from both major parties “wasting their time, our money, …”.

It’s time to grow up!

Would each Member and Senator of Parliament please give the Australian public a break? Would each Parliamentarian cease and desist with the sound-bites and media-moments? And start treating us like the intelligent electorate we are and need to remain?

MP J Bishop gave an inappropriate response (“Yes”) when asked an inappropriate question (if Australian intelligence agencies used fake passports).

Labor Parliamentarians castigate Bishop gleefully, claiming she’s “unfit to be the alternative foreign minister.” They coax Opposition Leader Abbott into “disavowing” her.

As though no Labor Parliamentarian has mis-spoken similarly before, or will in the future? Oh puhleez!

I’m fed up with Parliamentarians wasting their time, our money, our time, and the media’s bandwidth bawling, brawling, and bad-mouthing each other.
It’s time our Parliamentarians *STOP* “playing the person” and start focusing on issues and solving the many problems that face our could-be-great nation. Together, collaboratively. Anything less makes me question why I chose to become an Australian citizen.

Judy Bamberger, CLA member
O’Connor ACT

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