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Jan 10 Newsletter – Year’s priorities to include censorship and elections

Jan 10 Newsletter – Year’s priorities to include censorship and elections

CLA will concentrate this year on liberties issues around mental and aged health, and water rights, as well as focusing on the trend towards greater dominance of executive government. Obviously, internet censorship will be a major issue to fight against, and the upcoming federal election, as well as state elections, will bring rabid ‘law and order’ fanatics out of the woodwork again, to make more promises about jailing more people in a way that the community is less and less able to afford.

Crime is down, but politicians continue to create more prison beds, even though each one costs us annually about $100,000. When will politiians see the light? Illumination happened to an acquitted Tasmanian Police Commissioner who had to suffer the indignity of arrest and temporary detention – now he’s a supporter of more civil liberties. Major changes are afoot into how we run referendums in Australia, and how our federal police force operates, here and overseas.


Other issues covered in this issue include:

  • The integrity and accuracy of DNA is called into question;
  • Police forces get new stop/search and close-down powers;
  • Bikies back in the news as they seek court help again;
  • AFP beefs up management, appoints three Depury Chiefs;
  • New OzSpy school for ANU, headed by L’Estrange;
  • Report on CLA activities for December 09;
  • Move to appoint, not elect, US judges;
  • Indonesia censors critical Australian film;
  • Positional asphyxia arouses extreme suspicion; and
  • EU citizens get guaranteed internet freedoms.

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