Jan 2014: CLArion newsletter – Liberties in danger of right turn as new AG mounts a militant personal battle to repel the tide

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

Attorney-General George Brandis has all armaments blazing in an idiosyncratic campaign to make the world conform to his view. It could be a rough ride to the right!

This month includes articles on …

  • ALRC faces Herculean task…to be done in just a year
  • Mr Freedom given reins, and riding instructions
  • COAG: all hands to the deckchairs for ‘refocussing’
  • Australia needs a criminal cases review commission
  • It’s official! Outsiders too can satirise MPs
  • Big firms cheat UK: what about in Australia?
  • Scanners appear to make problem worse
  • Conservative judge pulls plug on NSA spying
  • Timor Leste wants Australia to play fair
  • Iceland police kill first person…ever!
  • Criminal barristers plan to go on strike

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