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Jan 2016 newsletter: Pollies are taking Oz increasingly towards police state

Jan 2016 newsletter: Pollies are taking Oz increasingly towards police state

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

Media commentators are now picking up on what Civil Liberties Australia has been saying for some years: politicians are increasingly taking Australia towards a police-security ruled state, as traditional freedoms of the vast majority are overturned in a vain bid for a techno-legal barrier to criminals acting our their secretly shared nightmare fantasies. 

Our traditional open and free-wheeling approach to life IS what being Australian is. Targeting a rabid, miniscule minority by changing fundamentally what it means for 24 million of the rest of us to BE Australians is counter-productive to “protecting the nation”. It’s a perverted “protection”, actually an enslaving to the control of police/security operatives whose profession and mentality is to be afraid of what could happen. It’s not the citizen’s job to be afraid, and it shouldn’t be the politician’s role to make us so.

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