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Jan 2018 newsletter: OPCAT to help  change attitudes as liberties decline

Jan 2018 newsletter: OPCAT to help change attitudes as liberties decline

CLA celebrates one success as OPCAT is ratified, opening up jails and detention centres to inspection, but much work remains to expose aged care issues and combat declining liberties.  Members highlighted these two areas as important for CLA to concentrate on. as well as calling for more attention on ‘private’ matters, like euthanasia, image exploitation and privacy itself. Wrongful convictions, abuse and rapidly rising prison numbers are also of great concern.

Other items in this issue include:

  • Formal notice of the 2018 CLA Annual General Meeting
  • Aged care submission in preparation: can you contribute?
  • Govt seeks new ways of grabbing people’s assets
  • CLA contributes to modern slavery report promoting need for law
  • Australia may yet get a bill of rights…or maybe several of them
  • DNA issues of concern in the USA and in Australia
  • New Dept of Affairs: muddle, in-fighting and misses
  • Rape trials collapse because police withhold evidence
  • Doctors may not even honour a tattooed ‘Do Not Resuscitate’


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