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CLArion Jan 2021: Is Australia a nation of justice?

CLArion Jan 2021: Is Australia a nation of justice?

It’s good to look back on an extraordinary 2020 to re-set the gauges of life for 2021 and beyond. A virus has curtailed personal liberties in the name of a wider good, so the challenge becomes to decide how basic freedoms can be entrenched better in ordinary times – and extraordinary times – in future. This year will feature a push for human rights laws for all of us in more jurisdictions (including federally) and, in particular, the quest for justice denied these past 12 years for Sue Neill-Fraser, still locked in Hobart’s Risdon jail.

  • Turmoil roils legal profession and police services
  • Parliament should have war power, not Executive
  • Hypocrite MHR Kevin Andrews proposes fancy human rights law!
  • Trade minister is against fair trade!
  • Catholic nun puts Timor oil ’security’ trials in context
  • Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were dead wrong
  • Former magistrate given 12 months jail
  • Should prisoners get C19 vaccine early?
  • Judge to review UK’s human rights act

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