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January 2008 Newsletter – Members prepare for diverse ’08 activities

January 2008 Newsletter – Members prepare for diverse ’08 activities

CLA’s members in WA, NSW and the ACT are preparing for a range of new activities through 2008, starting with research into Corruption and Crime Commission operations and potential journalist shield laws in WA.Goulburn in NSW will host a CLA meeting with the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, Senator Ursula Stephens, as guest speaker, while the city will also feature CLA’s travelling cartoon exhibition in April and May.

Federally there are meetings planned at Parliament House with Ministers, Members, Senators and senior staff to help further CLA’s Senate reform project, the proposed Inquiry into Civil Liberties in Australia, and eliminating police harassment of lawful protestors in the designated protest area outside the parliament.

Other highlights featured in this month’s CLArion include:

  • DNA testing may be added to population study;
  • ‘stunt’ policing using sniffer dogs criticised;
  • call for judges to apply for their jobs;
  • UN pushes for moratorium on death penalty worldwide;
  • freedoms under threat in Malaysia;
  • torture still problem in Indonesia, official reporter says;
  • UN calls for death penalty moratorium; and
  • UK government loses more data.

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