January 2013 CLArion newsletter:
Government spins rehash of old activities and pretends it supports human rights

The Gillard Government pretends its newly-released National Human Rights Action Plan is a real commitment to rights and civil liberties in Australia. But what CLA describes as a Confected Rights Action Plan is all spin on top of hype. If the government, and/or the opposition, really believes that Australians are entitled to human rights protection, they must bring in a Bill of Rights. Why can’t Australians have the same freedom and liberty protections that New Zealand, British, American and Canadian citizens have?

The government promotes $1m privacy fines in the future, but its Privacy Commissioner has a track record of hardly ever finding breaches proven…plus he acts as consultant to the departments who are among the biggest offenders, like new see-through airport scanners which got his big tick. Meanwhile, reports show that government agencies pry into – breach the privacy of – the personal data of 5800 phone and internet account holders EACH WEEK.  Where’s the respect for privacy in that?

Other items in this issue include:

  • Go where the grass is greener…join the war effort
  • Judge plays Solomon: what’s in name calling?
  • NT Speaker prepared to sponsor euthanasia bill
  • Ethics is a hidden subject in school options
  • Judges slammed: system is ‘national legal joke’
  • NSWCCL turns 50 in 2013
  • NZ internet filter encourages more censorship
  • Drugs: UK Royal Commission? Mexico emphasises rights
  • Countries defence internet freedom (but not Australia)
  • ‘War on Terror’ officially ends
  • Central databases wrongly labels 12,000 as criminals
  • Criminals face lifetime monitoring

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