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July 2011 Newsletter:   Vulnerable are falling behind,   especially Indigenous youth

July 2011 Newsletter: Vulnerable are falling behind, especially Indigenous youth

Vulnerable Australians are falling behind in terms of human rights, just as law and order severity is on the rise, Attorney-General G Robert McClelland admitted last month. Finally, though, after years of pleas by CLA and other bodies, the government is providing money urgently to start to try to reduce the excessive jailing rate of young Indigenous Australians. Meanwhile, there’s new swear words in Victoria: read about what you can tell bumbling bureaucrats…and still avoid that state’s new $240 fine.

CLA has a special report this month, on the website, on seizure/confiscation of assets under draconian ‘proceeds of crime’ legislation. We also report on the “legislate in haste, be over-ruled by the High Court” way that federal and state law-makers are “mirroring” each other’s awful laws. Internationally, Australia is doing something similar as nations over-react to the latest fear buzzword, cyber-threat. Back at home, prisons are under scrutiny again…but much more needs to be done in these black holes for rights and freedoms.

Other topics covered in July include:

  • ISPs opt for Interpol protocol;
  • Commissioner Palmer scathing about Risdon prison;
  • Centrelink data-mines government info, fracturing privacy;
  • NSW may get ‘recall’ elections to rein in bad governments;
  • Beware! Govt white paper aims to slash online freedoms;
  • ‘Law and order’ auction well under way for 2012 poll;
  • Pro bono work up, AG says…and they don’t even measure ours;
  • It’s not cricket! Deadly spots for women are real Tests for Australia;
  • State harasses women when pregnancies go wrong;
  • Dames, knights, top cops and ex-UN chief slam drug laws;
  • Intactivists try to stitch up vote on unkind cuts; and
  • ODD SPOT: Instant lawyer…just add credit card.

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