July 2014 CLArion newsletter: Rights bill turns 10, but freedoms under threat

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

As Australia’s first bill of rights turns 10, our freedoms are coming under increasing threat from a government intent on expanding the already-excessive spook laws.

This month we also feature:

  • Labor rejects chance to take principled stance
  • Freedoms assaulted from several directions
  • Euthanasia bill likely to test federal parliament, again
  • Prisoners do it tough…outside jail
  • Cupid suffers privacy arrows to heart
  • Candles vigil highlights miscarriage: DPP guilty over death
  • State reverses onus of proof on drugs
  • Chief justice appointment ruffles legal profession’s feathers
  • US court rules police need warrants to search mobiles
  • UK government justifies snooping on all social media
  • Prince Zeid becomes world’s top human rights advocate
  • Parliament – outdated, ruthless, rich and male

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