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June 09 Newsletter – Senators poor form under scrutiny

June 09 Newsletter – Senators poor form under scrutiny

The poor way some Senators treat NGOs and people who give evidence voluntarily to Senate Committees leads the June issue of the CLArion monthly bulletin, with news of a letter by CLA to the Chair of the Committee Chairs group. The problem arose again when CLA gave evidence in May 09 on a proposal by Medicare to take over auditing of GPs’ services by using public servants to comb throughthe detail of treatments in patients’ private health records.

Other extended coverage in June highlights the working of bikie laws in SA and NSW, and opposition to the laws from legal experts, as well as moves in SA and Tasmania for State Parliaments to vote on ‘dying with dignity’ laws.

There’s also a detailed listing of some of the extensive spending announced in the May Budget on Australian police services overseas, as the AFP continues its ‘deputy sheriff’ role throughout the world.

Other issued covered include:

  • Funds for new pro bono lawyers group to work offshore;
  • REVIEW: Buckleys! The man behind the NSWCCL;
  • Media blamed for rampant public fear;
  • One federal court level to disappear;
  • Budget reveals massive spend on policing;
  • Greens mover to broaden journalist shield laws;
  • E-health debate hots up; one State goes it alone;
  • Government moves to curb legal profession;
  • Britain goes ahead with mandatory ID cards;
  • Liberty Uni finds democratic freedom difficult;
  • Journalists hide from rioting soldiers; and
  • Five new countries on Human Rights Council.

This month’s CLArion is available here.

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