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June 2011 Newsletter: A-G McClelland says clear no to adoption of Sharia law here

June 2011 Newsletter: A-G McClelland says clear no to adoption of Sharia law here

Attorney-General Robert McClelland has strongly reaffirmed the primacy of Australia law in the face of calls for Sharia law to apply for some aspects of Australian life. In further good news, prisoners voting rights have been restored, though in some states new governments are trying to bid up repression in law and order ‘auctions’. Privacy and DNA look to be emerging issues for greater debate over the coming 12 months.

Parliament’s Treaties Committee is worried that Parliament is being bypassed: CLA shares their concerns, not only for treaties but in other areas. While a new inquiry in funding and election campaigns is under way, we believe Parliament should inquire into whether it has lost powers over the past two decades. The NT has some strange twists on tenancy and sex education, former NSW Premier Bob Carr is taking on religion and Adelaide has experience religious fights in the main street.

Other topics covered in June include:

  • Police union bans car chases…temporarily;
  • Children’s/parents’ rights come up against gay rights;
  • David Hicks launches new campaign;
  • State holds major review into bill of rights;
  • First Peoples elect their two first people;
  • CLA’s Board re-elects President Kristine Klugman;
  • Two study opportunities for students;
  • British police play ‘I Spy’ online, in real time;
  • Mother charged over suicide death of baby; 
  • Hungarian government strangles media freedom;
  • Young twits get their tweets in a knot; and
  • Swiss votemn  to keep assisted suicide…for visitors also.

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