Lawyer stunned during meeting

A lawyer was zapped with a stun gun twice late last month after he became upset at the equivalent of a local council meeting.

Tampa Bay, USA, lawyer Carl Roland Hayes, 53, was addressing the Tampa Code Enforcement Board when he became irate and verbally abusive, according to police. Officials asked Hayes to calm down, but he did not, they said. As Hayes was being escorted out of the meeting, he slapped an officer’s face, police allege.

An officer used a stun gun, but it had no obvious effect, police said. Hayes started “fighting and flailing,” they said, and an officer had to press the stun gun against Hayes’ body to “drive stun” him.

Hayes was charged with battery of a law enforcement officer, obstructing or opposing an officer with violence and trespassing. He was released after posting $7000 bail.

Police said they did not know what issue Hayes had brought before the board or why he became upset.

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