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Lawyer unhassled! Yacht No Body case nears a climax

Lawyer unhassled! Yacht No Body case nears a climax

By producer-director of Shadow of Doubt and the ‘Undercurrent ‘series, Eve Ash

NOTE: Sue Neill-Fraser’s next stage of appeal to the High Court of Australia – a brief, 45-minute ‘orals’ hearing, is due to be heard tin Canberra this Friday, 12 August, exact time unknown.

“Due to the archaic nature of the High Court and its disregard for public transparency of justice, you wont’ be able to watch proceedings in the Yacht-No-Body case by live streaming,” CLA CEO Bill Rowlings said.

But there is other GOOD NEWS!

Lawyer Jeff Thompson’s trial for allegedly perverting the course of justice, due to start next week, was dismissed in Supreme Court of Tasmania on Monday 8 August 2022.

The Tasmanian Director of Public Prosecutions entered a ‘nolle prosequi’ = unwilling to pursue….finally, after five years.

In April 2017, when helping on filming the documentary series ‘Undercurrent’, Jeff witnessed Meaghan Vass sign a statement that she WAS on the yacht ‘Four Winds’ with two other males the night Bob Chappell went missing (confirmed by her DNA at the crime scene).

Four months later, Jeff was raided, then arrested by TasPol.

The ‘Undercurent’ film crew was targeted, phones tapped, film footage seized, warrants for bank records issued, etc.

Now the ‘Undercurrent’ TV series will run on Channel 7, from 10.40pm Sunday 14 August 2022 for all Australia to see.

The series has never been officially shown in Tasmania, where the events happened.

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