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Mar 2017 CLArion: Ratifying convention  would open jails to external inspection

Mar 2017 CLArion: Ratifying convention would open jails to external inspection

AG Brandis has promised to ratify the torture convention, thus opening up detention centres to inspection, by the end of the year. CLA fervently hopes he keeps his promise. Ratifying OPCAT, the international torture and jails convention, would introduce an independent inspection regime, offering the chance to slice through the shroud of secrecy around adult and junior jails, as well as possibly stimulating better education and learning of life skills for inmates to aid their rehabilitation.

In other news, CLA has decided to keep a close eye on developments in the genes area, in relation to health, privacy and discrimination. Soon genes technology will come to dominate a healthy life, and we should prepare new principles, guidelines and possibly laws, CLA believes.

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