March 2014: CLArion newsletter: Trade agreement rally aims to lift awareness

TPP Protest speakers at  Parliament House
Mr Thomson speaking, the other two MPs behind him.

Long-standing and fundamental liberties and rights are at risk: this month’s coverage includes the TPP trade agreement, whether the ABC is safe, gene patents and surveillance.


This month we also feature:

  • McMillan wants more transparent ‘intelligence’
  • Immigration’s IT is in a mess…again
  • Government foreshadows push against online piracy
  • Selby passes judgement on justice in Australia
  • Censorious Senator gets a definitional lesson
  • Privacy laws are about to change
  • Govt bids to whitewash sports-drugs fiasco
  • Snowden leaks a miniscule proportion of holdings
  • Nuclear nun, 84, is jailed for three years
  • Police association needs overhaul
  • Children get right to choose death
  • Australia accused of war crimes over drones

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