March 2020 CLArion newsletter: Year of change is likely as politicians battle over personal power ‘without wisdom, lacking moral compass’

The prognosis for positive progress in 2020 is not good. The government has lined up its divisive Religious Freedoms to wedge society, even as one ambitious Minister has a plan ready to unleash vigilantes throughout Australia. Elsewhere, governments fail to tackle the scandal of Aboriginal detention while police publicly protect themselves wearing heavy ’terrorist’ body armour even as increasing numbers of defenceless women die because our “law and order” forces will not prioritise domestic violence. We need proper balance returned to society, through equitable funding and resource allocation.

Other items in this issue:

  • SIC – parliament’s worst committee – strikes again
  • Whistleblowers need help: one opts for crowd funding
  • Military defends Australia by videos, photos and media releases
  • ‘Nearer My Trump To Thee’ as our nation is led into supine position
  • Facial recognition gadgetry ramifications are getting worse
  • Is ‘pushing, poking stirring up’ a legitimate police tactic?
  • Court says Australia’s action is unlawful
  • Trump approves landmines…again
  • LA eliminates marijuana convictions

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