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May 2013 CLArion newsletter: Mood of social change and regaining people power sweeps in before the federal election

May 2013 CLArion newsletter: Mood of social change and regaining people power sweeps in before the federal election

There’s a mood sweeping the nation for social change, from same-sex marriage to euthanasia. CLA believes it’s the start of citizens re-asserting themselves over politicians in a show of people power after years of feeling thwarted and marginalised. Now, with a federal election only about four months away, it’s the perfect time for people to speak up for what they believe in. Several articles in this issue indicate how widespread change is starting to happen. Also in this issue of CLArion is a special report on Tasmania.

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  1. [Approving of same sex marriage. Hetero male, 42, defacto relationship, one child.]

    As Louise mentioned, the canard often raised by opponents that children of same-sex parents suffer from the situation is just that: a canard.

    A 2005 metastudy (link below) found no difference in emotional and social development* between children reared by same-sex parents and hetero parents. Nor did they find any movement from the norm on the children’s gender identity.

    What they did find, however, were children of same-sex parents were more often the victims of hate crimes and social marginalisation.

    *A more recent study (2010) suggests children raised by lesbian parents may actually be better adjusted that hetero-raised children in some areas.,8599,1994480,00.html

    Peter Bowdidge
  2. Strongly approving of same-sex marriage.

    35 married woman, with two children.

    I find the above comment to be highly contradictory; how can you say that you ‘do not support discrimination of any kind’, however you feel that members of the population must be restricted to marrying only the opposite gender? That doesn’t seem particularly anti-discriminatory to myself, as it is banning a large portion of society from being allowed to be legally bound to one another. In addition you refer to only same sex couples as being ‘normal’ and ‘natural’, since you claim to not be religious I can only assume that this is mere ignorance that allows you to think so narrow-mindedly.

    As for the comment in regards to affecting the ‘natural’ growth in children, that is absolutely preposterous. If the parents’ sexuality affects the child, then won’t a straight couple affect their children? Won’t their views affect their children? There have been many studies made into the raising of children by same-sex couples, with the DEFINITIVE conclusion being that the sexual orientation of parents has no significant affect on the child whatsoever.

    A large portion of Australia is in fact for same sex marriage as you stated, and I am truly sorry that Launcecston has not yet recognised the passing of the nineteen fifties. If you honestly supported equality then you wouldn’t be against same sex marriage in the first place.

    Louise Tanner

    Louise Tanner
  3. Strongly opposing same sex marriage

    We are NOT members of any religious group but merely an average and conventional Australian married couple, a couple who recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and we would like to advise you that we hold strong views opposing same sex marriage.

    We do NOT support discrimination of any kind believing ALL should be treated equally irrespective of sex, race or creed and extend this to include persons of all sexual persuasions however this does not mean we approve of marriage between two persons of the same gender. Marriage, we believe, relates to the unique relationship between the male and female of our species, a union which would under normal and natural circumstances result in the procreation of children.

    As parents we are concerned of the effect same sex marriage may have on children holding the view that children should preferably be borne and raised in what we consider to be the traditional family unit; …that is with a Father and Mother and ‘preferably’ they would be the natural parents. We feel it is the ‘right’ of the child to be raised in such circumstances where they can be allowed to develop, in what we consider to be the normal, ‘natural’ and traditional family allowing the child’s sexuality to develop naturally with NO undue sexual influence or pressure applied in any manner whatsoever.

    We are aware that there are many other members of the Tasmanian community who share our beliefs regarding same sex marriage.

    Proponents of same sex marriage have in the past suggested that the matter is a Human Rights issue however they have gone rather quiet on this aspect recently; no doubt this is because, as no doubt you are already aware, the European Court of Human Rights has decreed that same sex marriage is NOT a Human Rights issue. We regularly hear about how the majority of Australians support changing the legislation however we are personally aware “The Examiner” newspaper here in Launcecston recently conducted an on-line poll on the subject; a poll which appeared to be quickly removed when well over 70% of respondents indicated they opposed any change to the current legislation!

    – Jim and Linda Collier, CLA members, Legana, Tasmania

    Jim and Linda Collier

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