May 2014 CLArion newsletter: Spooks continue to access our private data

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

A spy comes in from the cold, legally, but the spooks still want even more access to our private data: when will they learn that enough is enough?

This month we also feature:

  • Manus riot deaths refocuses refugee debate
  • Children must be focus of refugee reforms
  • Trade pacts: where a $1 pill costs Australia $127
  • Sloppy govt website security puts us all at risk
  • Health ‘solution’ fails to deliver after 5 years, $500m
  • Intelligence appears to be lacking in Brandis comment
  • Prod Commission wants legal aid on the ‘never-never’
  • Govt fails to protest assassination of two Australians
  • Smuggling recipe involves two cups of hemp
  • ODD SPOT: How brave is this?
  • Brazil takes charge of internet and privacy
  • Inventor calls for web bill of rights
  • USA is main spy threat to Australia

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