May 2020 CLArion newsletter: Trust emerges as even stronger factor in which politicians and parties we’re prepared to put our faith in next time around

With the immediate emergency fading, thoughts turn to what we need restoring first: personal freedoms (our civil liberties) back is No 1, just to walk on a beach, take a drive, go interstate. Then comes democracy: parliaments sitting again to schedule. We need to learn the lessons of this time for for next time. Is the ‘National Cabinet’ appropriate? Is it just PR spin and collective avoidance of responsibility? It’s not constitutional, so entrenching an NC means legislating in every parliament. That would open a bag of states’ rights and responsibilities worms sure to engender passionate debate about whether we can trust politicians to not dispense arbitrarily with our freedoms at a moment’s notice…like this time around.

Other items in this issue:

  • Members: send us your thoughts about the National Cabinet
  • Trust emerging as key determinant of election voting
  • Elderly in front line if ‘lockdown’ becomes ‘lockup’ strategy
  • The Covid-19 app: will you install it?
  • Prisoner emergency not yet over
  • High Court comes under the microscope
  • Sky-pry surveillance put on hold
  • Modern slavery jumps 50%
  • 73,000 troops let loose on poor people

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