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Jul 17 CLArion – Miscarriages and genes research likely  to spark campaigns for major change

Jul 17 CLArion – Miscarriages and genes research likely to spark campaigns for major change

CLA initiatives to tabulate wrongful convictions in Australia, and to research genes privacy and ownership protection, are likely to result in major, long-term freedom and rights campaigns.
There is no one body responsible for the overall health of Australia’s centuries old ‘justice’ and legal system, split as it is between federal and eight state and territory jurisdictions. By comparison with British justice, on which ours is based, that results in big numbers of people  – hundreds for major crimes, thousands for minor ones – being locked up in jail when they are innocent. The extent of the miscarriages of justice is a national disgrace…and there’s no politician anywhere working on to fix it nationally.
Similarly, the pace of change around gene technology, including the use of DNA in criminal and civil cases, is extremely rapid. Unlike the USA for example, we have no national law to guide how people behave in terms of personal privacy, health and intellectual property matters, as well as with life insurance and superannuation products. Tackling the genes questions in-the-round is vital, but the Australian Parliament is fiddling at the edges by considering the issues unilaterally in peripheral committees, such as the current inquiry into the life insurance industry.
Other items in this issue include:
  • Qui Tam law may profit future whistleblowers
  • Australia condemns 1745 to a life of limbo and pain
  • Politicians and police fail…then blame civil liberties people!
  • Naughty Ministers disciplined by the judiciary
  • Supermax to be supersized
  • Eastman case eats up more territory government funds
  • Government rolled over mandatory sentences
  • New Director for CLA
  • Could/would President Trump pardon himself?
  • Older age is a prison within itself
  • Scanners will soon be as smart as cats

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