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Naming is a shame

Naming is a shame

Editor, The West:  I draw your attention to your report entitled “Paedophile free” page 36 of TWA  26-27 December 2015. In the report you keep referring to the person as if he is still an active paedophile.  However, a person in this situation has only been released from prison because the Supreme Court, after examining extensive information, is of the opinion that the person no longer is a paedophilic treat to society. Remember according to the WA Department of the Attorney General, in recent times no ex-paedophile offenders have breached parole as a result of paedophilic activities.

To be far to people in this situation, you should not refer to them as being a paedophile.

– Brian G Tennant AM, CLA member and social and law reformer campaigner,  Subiaco WA 

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