Need to help people to go straight

To the Editor Letters, The West Australian: I refer to your article titled ‘Triggs tell firm to pay compo to drug dealer’  (p6 TWA 23 Nov 2016). I feel that the Human Rights Commissioner’s decisions, even though politically correct, are not clearly appreciated – not only by the government but also employers. Professor Triggs’ decisions, looking closely at them,are just and fair and should be supported by all concerned, those in government and those who employ people.

If we prevent people with a past criminal history from being meaningfully employed, we will leave them with no option but to continue committing crimes. The basis of our justice system is to punish offenders by either sending them to prison or enforcing home detention.  Rehabilitation should occur while the punishment is being enforced. Once released, former offenders need to be supported in their efforts to gain meaningful employment and hence enhance their chances of successful reintegration back into the community.

– Brian G Tennant AM, human rights campaigner and CLA member, Subiaco WA

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