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Newsletter Feb 2015: CLA asks for  rechecking of AFP’s ‘Bali 9’ rules

Newsletter Feb 2015: CLA asks for rechecking of AFP’s ‘Bali 9’ rules

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

Police should not be able to orchestrate a situation where Australians are charged and executed overseas, CLA says in asking Parliament to revisit stricter guidelines for the AFP.With nearly three-quarters of people wholly susceptible to the implanting of false memories, courts should be much more wary of accepting “unearthed recollections”, CLA says. There is also a grave danger that police interviewing techniques can be skewed to implant false “facts” in someone’s head.

Slowly the US Administration is admitting that the conviction of David Hicks in a legally-doubtful military commission hearing was entirely unsound. See story in CLArion, and for the latest, see:

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