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No asylum from debate

No asylum from debate

As a barrister and academic, Gillian Triggs has demonstrated intellectual capacity and absolute integrity. She has my complete confidence and the trust of most thinking people. Her opponents claim bias only because they start from such a polarised position.

Just for the record, Professor Triggs is a Master of Laws, PhD, and has practised as barrister. She was the director of the Institute for Comparative and International Law at the University of Melbourne, where she held a Chair in Law, the director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law,  Dean of the University of Sydney Law School, and Challis Professor of International Law.

As a practising lawyer for 46 years, she has a record and reputation as a lawyer far exceeding that of the Attorney-General.

As president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, in the face of hostility from people who don’t value human rights and civil liberties, she has pursued her role with efficiency and dignity.

Shooting the messenger will not make the shameful issue of successive governments’ treatment of asylum seekers, especially children, go away.

Dr Kristine Klugman, president, Civil Liberties 

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  1. Exquisitely expressed, Dr Klugman.
    It is worth noting that our “Minister for Women” saw fit to make a vindictive personal attack on Professor Triggs in the parliament this week.
    Also that the Coalition Senator conducting the inquiry freely admitted to not having “bothered” to read the report.
    I suggest that the shots fired at “the messenger ” have thus rebounded far more savagely upon the politicians.
    The most positive comment on the government’s performance here might be that it was breathtakingly untidy, and embarrassingly amateurish.

    Elizabeth Chandler

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