Nov 2013 CLArion newsletter: How colluding ‘Five Eyes’ have stolen your rights and liberties

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

No obfuscation about ‘security’ can hide that the ‘Five Eyes’ governments, including Australia, have been stealing the privacy and liberties of innocent people worldwide by unreasonable electronic surveillance.

  •  Australians’ private business is public
  • Help punish people who invade your privacy
  • DFAT gags journos’ right to know about TPP
  • ‘Shadow’ film to screen in Sydney, Canberra
  • Does fear drive pollies’ opposition to same-sex marriage?
  • Queensland introduces arbitrary, political jailing
  • How much does it cost YOU for each prisoner in jail?
  • US breaks its own laws in kidnapping
  • Uruguay to lead the way in selling marijuana
  • Shoot first, question corpse later, is new policy
  • Call to arrest former US V-P Cheney in Canada

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