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Nov 2014 newsletter: Elite spook committee seeks supremo powers

Nov 2014 newsletter: Elite spook committee seeks supremo powers

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

The committee which endorses potential spook-police excesses when it approves new terror laws now wants even more reach and control. We must fight the power grab.

This month we also feature:

  • Media rumour panics parliament’s presiding officers
  • Who to believe over massive data access figures?
  • Booker double winner says amnesia is privacy defence
  • ASIO and ASIS: both blot their copybooks
  • Parliamentary standards are dropping quickly
  • We are killing some of our children
  • AFP use stun guns ‘like cattle prods’; use expands
  • Guards strip search women prisoners up to four times daily
  • Tories plan to renege on human rights in UK
  • US Hack Pack may strike where they like
  • Mass surveillance ‘corrosive’ of online privacy
  • Court delivers blow to police intelligence
  • Kiwi bureaucrats give dole recipients the brush off
  • Miscarriage of justice cases: three freed

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