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Nov 2015 newsletter: CLA prepares strategic plan seeking Better Justice

Nov 2015 newsletter: CLA prepares strategic plan seeking Better Justice

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

A year-long research program is culminating in a strategic plan, aiming to deliver long-term better justice for Australia, ready for release in the new year.  The research began with a conference on miscarriages of justice in the criminal system, and concluded with an examination of delays and road blocks in the civil system. 

The campaign for better justice will aim to involve all aspects of the legal system, from the High Court through magistrates courts, as well as barristers and lawyers of all shapes, sizes and types, particularly including the academic legal community. Politicians will be involved from an early stage as we seek to engage with the Australian community.

Also covered in this issue:
  • priority list of what needs fixing
  • launch of the first chapter of a new book, Civil Liberties in Australia
  • plea for release of ex-president from doubtful jailing
  • secret TPP deal comes under further scrutiny
  • jail: where Aborigines are made to feel at home
  • new law may ban revenge porn in Australia
  • legal ‘chat’ service aims to bridge advice gap
  • FREO isn’t…not for beggars
  • chemical castration to be used to the north
  • tax-dodging is drug of choice for big pharma
  • Here’s a new twist on training for the law
  • science forced to knuckle under to spooks
  • son of chads: how Republicans bring in the vote

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