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Nov 2016 CLArion: Fears that govt will  use tick-flick to bypass full TPP review

Nov 2016 CLArion: Fears that govt will use tick-flick to bypass full TPP review

NewsletterThere are fears the Turnbull govt is planning to bypass an ongoing parliamentary committee review of the TPP agreement by gagging debate and ‘tick-flicking’ a formal vote on the treaty.
The move would be in line with what appears to be a major decline in commitment to funding and executive support for human rights and traditional freedoms under the Coalition.
Australia’s commitment to human rights is being seriously questioned by external UN reviewers, and by the failure to implement the OPCAT treaty – signed in 2009 – which would ensure regular external inspection of juvenile detention centres. Indigenous imprisonment is to get a “law reform” review, rather than action; prisoners are to be kept in jail even after serving their full sentences if someone in government “thinks” they might commit a crime in future, if released. Australia is suffering an active attack on its Rule of Law by its government: it is coming time citizens stood up for fellow Aussies’ rights and liberties. Diggers of WW1 and WW2 would be horrified at how passively we are allowing “authority” to override the power of the people.
Other issues covered include:
  • Right-to-privacy tort may emerge in states, not federally
  • For whom the poll tells
  • Intra-parliament battles continues over terrorism transparency
  • CLA calls for uniform bail laws nationally
  • Offshore gays should be sent further offshore: Pezullo policy
  • Gearing up for new focus on charters of rights
  • New ‘ICAC-integrity’ body likely after election win
  • Nauru fails to safeguard child refugees: UN
  • Police misconduct suppresses crime reports
  • Female tripe jeopardy may come to an end
  • End of death penalty in China may be in prospect

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