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November 2011 Newsletter: Your patient health records, along with security issues, rise to fore

November 2011 Newsletter:
Your patient health records, along
with security issues, rise to fore

Health privacy and security issues lead this issue, with the government careless about your interests in patient health records, and ASIO asking the government for even more money, beyond the excessive amounts they already receive. The extra spook cash could help to push new propaganda against the media, which the government wants recreate as a docile secretarial service for ministerial pearly statements. DNA contamination is another health/justice issue receiving more attention.

Meanwhile, a move towards legislative protection against corruption in Australia is losing out to the government’s favourite approach, creating a ‘framework’ which leads to a ‘plan’ which soon becomes just a PR or advertising program: soon there’ll be no need for any climate change tax – Australia can be powered by governments’ PR spin. Back in the real world, the danger of contaminated DNA is being highlighted in official Medical Journal reports which warn of the dangers of mishandling of crucial judicial exhibits by lack of attention to proper standards.

  • ACC discovers 50 new criminal targets in a year;
  • People find mandatory health reporting distasteful;
  • HIV epidemic in Australian jails looms;
  • Young drivers may face unfranchised discrimination;
  • Women prisoners suffer doubly, jail inspector says;
  • Home booze risk to be regulated, but Aussie still Rules;
  • Nicely-drawn memo trumps US Bill of Rights;
  • Secret police agents authorised to lie to British courts;
  • Australia’s Un stand on Palestine wrong, says Evans; and
  • Stun guns continue to be used against children.
CLArion November 2011

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