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Oct 2010 – Newsletter Here’s a rundown of  the ways we could improve

Oct 2010 – Newsletter Here’s a rundown of the ways we could improve

With a new style permeating the federal parliament, CLA has produced a list of suggested new laws and ways of operating which could make Australia a more liberties and rights-friendly nation.  But even as we propose change for the better, the government is considering a ‘dob in a neighbour’ scheme that would cut across Australia’s culture and import some of the worst aspects of Americana here.

Independent MPs have managed to force consideration of new shield laws protecting journalists and whistleblowers, which is a credit to Andrew Wilkie and Nick Zenophon. However, the government has reverted to type in re-introducing – without public consultation – proposed identity crime and aviation laws which double jail penalties in areas where there is no evidence that increased penalties will have any effect.

Other topics covered in October include:

  • Fair Go: Australia’s territorians want equal rights;
  • former High Court judge speaks against ‘freedoms’;
  • jail time up in one state, down in another;
  • academic study shows prison time may increase crime;
  • parole board under fire for applying wrong laws;
  • new bill of rights consultation is under way;
  • emergency laws give legal academics the shakes;
  • US internet tapping powers may be cloned here;
  • EU court upholds media’s right to protect sources;
  • Britain considers decriminalising drugs;
  • Burqa ban comes into effect in France; and
  • FBI spied on domestic environmental/animal groups.

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