Oct 2014 CLArion newsletter: What can we do when MPs won’t listen to sense?

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

Tweedledum politicians, spooked and running scared, unwittingly hand victory to terrorists over Australia’s liberties, rights and freedoms. Where are our statesmen (and women) when we need them?

This month we also feature:

  • What are the causes of death in Australia?
  • Beware the maths…and ASIO’s figurative claims
  • AFP plants a bomb: then forgets where it is!
  • Asylum seekers deserve informed choice
  • Keogh judges told death probably accidental
  • Miscarriages of justice put under spotlight
  • Medical marijuana makes surprising surge
  • Stick it to ’em, Myra: grandmother in court
  • 23 union leaders, activists murdered this year
  • Zeid criticises Australia over human rights
  • NZ won’t let prisoners vote
  • Belgian lifer chooses death

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