Oct 2015 newsletter: Ministerial changes create opportunity to reframe the debate

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

With change at the top, there’s a chance to frame a more hopeful, positive Australia. What do you think are the issues to concentrate on as a new ministry settles in?

While national focus now is on yet another round of tax and financial reform, we have the opportunity to promote Better Justice…a fundamental review of the Australian legal system which has never been done. At some time in the next decade, as a nation we need to examine whether Australians are truly receiving a fair go from the law and the legal system, and to hold a national debate on how justice could deliver better outcomes for a fairer price.

Also in this issue…
•  How safe will your data be under the new retention regime?
•  Australian gulled over war on drugs
•  Do your job! Vote on same-sex marriage, parliament told
•  AFP continues to put Australians lives at risk: claim
•  Right To Appeal law set to pass Tasmanian Parliament
•  Silence of the generals is deafening
•  Eastman sues: compensation to be claimed elsewhere also
•  State rocked by fallible forensics
•  Drug price rise is warning for the world
•  Teen prosecuted for having nude photos…of himself
•  NZ censor bans award-winning, Kiwi-authored teen novel

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