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Oct 2016 CLArion: CLA outlines how to  confirm marriage result with prior ‘law’

Oct 2016 CLArion: CLA outlines how to confirm marriage result with prior ‘law’

NewsletterA proposal first outlined in detail by CLA would solve the problem of a binding same-sex marriage plebiscite – all we need is MPs with conviction and courage. All they need to do is to pass an Act so that same-sex coupes can marry, but permit it to operate only if/when a plebiscite shows a majority of Australians favour such a law.
As the new parliament settles down, the security forces and police are usually leaked comments to demand ever more suites of laws to expand police power cut individual liberties and rights. At the same time, this new government, the past government and prior governments run by both major parties continue to demonstrate how individuals are of no concern to them: children, women and men have remained locked up on Nauru and Manus Islands, quickly developing severe mental health problems because we have MPs who worry more about their perks of office and expenses than they do about the propriety of treating legitimate refugee claimants fairly and equitably.
Other issues covered include:
  • ASIO wants to get rid of judicial oversight
  • Detained indefinitely for running a red light
  • Timor Leste wins firs round again a bullying Australia
  • Why does British ex-journo gets to run Australian health data?
  • ABS stuffs up response to census stuff-up
  • How can we make the federal election and funding system better?
  • Nudge! Nudge! Police want crazy chase powers
  • Mooning eclipsed by new Vic-era laws
  • Human rights should guide access to medicines
  • Gbay detainees cost $8m per person per year
  • Aussie-born barrister disbarred

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