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October 2020 CLArion newsletter: keeping liberties in emergencies

October 2020 CLArion newsletter: keeping liberties in emergencies

There are vivid lessons to learn for the next emergency from the current Covid-19 pandemic. We need to identify the right ones, so that for the next virus wave or national disaster we better incorporate maximum freedoms and individual compassion and care into a process where lockdown, quarantine, personal fines and repression were allowed to become excessive and over-dominant recently. It’s not easy…but considering liberties and rights of everyone, from the beginning, would be a great start.

  • Be rid of arbitrary lines, bring in a rights law
  • Is Australia a belligerent nation?
  • Should Dutton’s department part-fund the High Court?
  • ASIO takes a step to the right…after earlier jump to the left
  • Voting early is suddenly popular
  • SA fails to address its widespread legal problem
  • UK’s Covid-019 law: lessons for Australia?
  • Barbados to trump the Queen
  • …but are they entitled to travel allowances

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