A lemon remains a lemon when withering

The ’new’ Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is likely as bad as the original, but the text is still secret, so it may be worse. Ideology is over-ruling common sense. 2 Feb 2018. 

Australia Day: Better Parl. Committees

The federal Parliament’s Committee system needs thorough overhaul, preferably by an external body, CLA believes. Which groups of MPs will have the courage to demand review and analysis.  26 Jan 2018

Australia Day: Better trained judges?

Surgeons need double or triple qualifications, so do top academics; pilots need specialist training on each aircraft. Why is it that judicial officers alone need no secondary qualifications? 26 Jan 2018  

Basques book: chilling lessons for now

The Catholic terroristl Spanish Inquisition, as described in the ‘Basque History of the Word’, holds chilling parallels to Australia right now, writes Stuart McRae. Witch hunts apparently never end. 21 Jan 2018

Quest for ‘security’…at what cost?

Terrorism is a threat, but we should not allow it to be greatly exaggerated:  we acquiesce in the erosion of our liberties and freedoms at our peril, Saul Eslake says. 5 Dec 2017