Petition asks for driver licence photos back

A formal parliamentary petition has been launched asking for the Tasmanian government to retrieve the photos of 430,113 Tasmanians sent to the national facial recognition scheme without privacy safeguards in place.

The petition asks for the photos and associated personal information to be retrieved by the government and not sent back until guaranteed privacy protections are written into law.

It comes after the relevant Minister failed to respond to a complaint lodged four months ago by 1,245 Tasmanians.

“The community is clearly concerned about the mishandling of their most personal information – their facial image. These concerns deserve answers from government, they do not deserve to be ignored. Instead of accepting the Minister’s silence we are escalating this important issue to a formal parliamentary petition,” said Richard Griggs, Tasmanian Director of Civil Liberties Australia and lead petitioner.

The petition is available here.

– from the Tasmanian Times 200620

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