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Public tenants losing out

Public tenants losing out

The Commonwealth government ran Canberra until 1988. From 1988, the Australian Capital Territory has been self-governing. Unlike the six state governments, the ACT government relies heavily on revenues from land-based taxes, rates, levies and stamp duties.

Now to The Canberra Times: (“Land plan bit rich: Greens”, February 21, p1). The Greens say that 4000 sites are to be released for development this year. By way of contrast for this year, only 143 sites will be released for public housing.

The founding fathers of the ACT never dreamed that we’d have two Canberras. Canberra One: In 2017 I saw more than 1000 public tenants losing homes to bulldozers. Canberra Two: In 2018, I saw the same site, cleansed and rebadged as Founders Lane. A Founders Lane exhibition entices people of quality to buy off-the-plan units. Public housing is being demolished all along Northbourne Avenue. What about homeless people? Dumped on charities and the market.

There are two Liberal parties in the ACT. Liberal Party One is led by Alistair Coe. Liberal Party Two is led by Andrew Barr. What happened to the ACT Labor Party? It died from shame.

– Graham Macafee, CLA member, Latham ACT (Canberra Times 180227)

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