Red-light cameras get red card

Yes, it can happen! A surveillance system in America is being withdrawn, and drivers are rejoicing at removal of a revenue-grabbing ‘safety’ measure.

The Governor of the US State of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, has signed a bill into law which bans automated cameras snapping pictures of motorists running red lights.

The new law says the two cities that already have the cameras, Jackson and Columbus, must take them down by 1 October. Other cities and counties in the State are banned from starting to use them.
Some cities have looked at such cameras as “profit centres,” and even tampered with their traffic light timing to catch more motorists.

Now, in Mississippi, the contractors who installed the cameras are unhappy, since they received a cut of the ticket revenue generated by the cameras.

However, lawmakers overwhelming voted to get rid of them (117-3 in the House, 42-9 in the Senate), because “the cameras were an invasion of privacy and their constituents thought they had been unfairly ticketed.”

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