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Sacrificial goats live in  tethered island terror

Sacrificial goats live in tethered island terror

Malcolm Turnbull rejected New Zealand’s offer to resettle 150 Manus Island refugees in New Zealand. The reason is Turnbull would lose 150 out of the 600 “tethered goats” who deter faraway refugees. Once Turnbull loses all his 600 “tethered goats” in Manus, the deterrent effect is gone. No longer could Immigration Minister Peter Dutton point to his Manus hellhole. He couldn’t say: “Come to Australia and we’ll make your life hell on earth.”

The more cruelty inflicted on refugees, the better the deterrence. To deter faraway refugees Dutton needs 1000 in prison camps. No refugees in prison camps is a green light to people smugglers. If we let refugees into Australia, chaos and social unrest is forecast.

But when German’s Angela Merkel let 1 million refugees into Germany, the sky didn’t fall.

– Graham Macafee, CLA member, Latham ACT

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