Same-same all untouchables

Editor: Despite India liberating untouchables (who live in ghettos) the practice continues. The ABC is airing the BBC’s ‘Joanna Lumley’s India’.  In the program, she visits an untouchable mother whose son had been killed.  Why? Her untouchable son had touched milk in a dairy and ruined it.  Nobody was charged with his murder.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, acts as if refugees were untouchables.  Like in India, Dutton’s untouchables live in off-shore prison-camp ghettos. Refugee Reza Barati was killed during a bashing spree in Manus Prison.  Like in India, nobody was charged with Reza Barati’s murder.

It’s beyond comprehension why the Labor and Liberal parties continue their mad race to find the most inhumane policy with which to demonise refugees.  Peter Dutton is a cruel man who panders to Australia’s most rancid voters. As it’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness, I will be voting for a party other than those two.

– Graham Macafee, CLA member, Latham ACT

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