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Scanners: proven useless, and hazardous too

Scanners: proven useless, and hazardous too

The see-through body scanners announced for Australia have already been proven to not work in cases like the “underpants bomber” – the supposed reason for their introduction – writes John P Harvey. As well there are major scientific concerns about radiation emitted by the scanners, he says, providing extensive references you can check out.

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  1. Bodie, I’m truly sorry that you and your unborn suffered this abuse, and possibly fraudulent as well to claim that it was 1/1000 of the x-radiation or even the microwave radiation that a mobile phone emits, as such a claim has no basis in fact.

    Unfortunately, the entire international-travel system is justified in regarding international travellers as a captive market: although we may protest that we’ll not travel, on the whole the numbers of those refusing to travel will not fall enough to affect the airports’ hip pockets noticeably. The matter therefore has to be dealt with politically, forcing the authorities kowtowing to this remarkable corruption to become once again the servants of those who employ them, the voters.

    John P. Harvey
  2. Yesterday I was forced to go through a radio scanner and told I could not fly if I did not. I told them I was pregnant and petrified to go through. They told me it was 100% safe – after about 30 mins – I realised that they did not care about my unborn child – that I would not be allowed to fly – I had been chosen at random and that was that it seems! How dare Sydney airport use me as a guinea pig! I have done my research and can now see how dangerous it is – when they saw how distressed I was, why did they not offer me a pat down? I either went through or did not fly! I had never seen these machines before – I only had their biased side of the argument – I was really stressed and very very upset. But told go through or do not fly! I am flying to see my sick mum who is really ill (Cancer) and had an apptmt. to get to the next day with her. I think I was just forced to damage myself and unborn – and it causes infertility – words cannot describe my horror at their behaviour. It has been 36 hours and I cannot rest – I am so worried. They said it was only 1/1000 of what you get from a mobile phone – but it is not they lied. The machine operators must be ignorant and brain washed.

    – meanwhile my laptop and purse and mobile phone were being damaged at the xray, as I could not go and pick them up. I found the phone out of the box and banging around on the rollers. for 30+ mins!!
    Sydney Airport – shame on you.


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