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Sept 2010 – Newsletter Uncertainty brings chance  of major change for the  good

Sept 2010 – Newsletter Uncertainty brings chance of major change for the good

A wise Australian polity has told its parliament: "You must do better". Given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, political parties and independents have the chance to improve structures and streamline operating systems for the good of the people. A long time ago, the chambers were places of philosophy and principle, where great ideas resonated and nation building began: CLA suggests some simple ways to start restoring people’s faith in politicians.

Shining a spotlight on parliament will inevitably lead to more focus on the core institutions of the nation, such as the constitution, the notion of a monarchical or republic system, and whether the current form of federation remains a good thing. These are big issues, too important to be rushed, CLA has told a Senate Select Committee.  Meanwhile, where power is shared, big change is possible: Tasmania may have its own charter of rights by the end of 2011. This month’s CLArion includes cover-ups, of both the clothing and secrecy kind, and highlights the danger ‘sexting’ could pose to children.

Other topics covered in September include:

  • prison and corrective service practices come under fire;
  • God leaves the court in the NT…but police get more stun guns;
  • lecture will analyse what war does to civil liberties;
  • new directors join CLA board, web systems boosted;
  • Victoria adopts automatic electoral enrolment;
  • Supreme Court to try man for ‘assisting suicide’;
  • USA plans attacks on other countries’ computer networks;
  • China, Japan consider cutting back on death penalty;
  • drugs should be decriminalised, top UK doctor says;
  • claim Tonga inquiry into judicial independence is ‘farce’; and
  • calls to end Malaysia’s ’emergency’…after 50 years.

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