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Sept 2016 CLArion: Push for Turnbull to  ratify OPCAT, to save kids in detention

Sept 2016 CLArion: Push for Turnbull to ratify OPCAT, to save kids in detention

NewsletterPM Turnbull should immediately sign OPCAT, the convention that can help protect Australian kids in detention from abuse, right now, long before the Royal Commission reports.  31 Aug 2016

All members – particularly newcomers – of the federal parliament bear a responsibility for protecting children, whether the kids are in their homes or in detention, CLA says. It’s time MPs of goodwill from all parties and groups demanded federal and state/territory governments ratify OPCAT, the convention that will allow mandatory external inspection, regularly and independently, of our detention centres and jails.

Issues covered in this edition of the CLA newsletter CLArion include:

  • Prepare to be jailed for what you might be thinking
  • Member calls for new, ‘cleanskin’ political parties
  • Denton takes aim at politicians for failing people near death
  • CLA asks Obama to pardon whistleblowers who helped US
  • Police maintain secret watch list
  • Asset seizure law to be tested
  • Extra $35,5556 a year each to be spent on 45 bikie members
  • DFAT finds out that trade deals are duds
  • US jury trial system languishes as guilty pleas prevail
  • Canada opens up selection of top judges
  • ODD SPOT: Will UK become ‘lawless’ due to Brexit?
  • ‘TPP would harm national security interests’,  General says
  • US to phase out use of private prisons

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