Sept 2019 CLArion newsletter: Security forces gild lily in seeking to retain unaccountable powers to raid journos and ABC 

The spookmeisters have emerged from deep hiding to defend their over-the-top raids on the homes of journalists and the national HQ of the ABC. They’ve trotted out ghosts and hobgoblins in yet another fear-raising exercise to suit their secret aims. An MP has described Australia as a ‘pre-police state’…but we are very quickly moving past the ‘pre’ stage as recent events demonstrate.

  • Your ideas wanted for new Nationhood, ID and Democracy inquiry
  • Home Affairs ready to lock up a leaker, no trial needed
  • Witness K and Collaery: the government should be ashamed
  • Audits hold out hope for some accountability
  • Police rules say they should film naked people
  • VALE: Death of a liberties legend: Brian Tennant
  • Blights on a nation: Sexism, racism, gunism
  • 71% of Americans don’t like Arabic numerals

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