September 2018: Major intelligence review likely to beef up security, surveillance

Emerging from a political schemozzle, real government business continues with a major review of the ‘National Intelligence Community’ scheduled for early 2019. Your input is sought for a November 2018 CLA submission. The government claims the review is NOT about limiting civil liberties and human rights…but every other similar ‘security’ review has wound back freedoms, reversed the burden of proof, and escalated authoritarian power over the people. This review will be no different. See the Special Report on National Intelligence and Security in this issue…and read what Peter Dutton thinks of civil liberties.

Also in this issue:

  • Is the government drafting ‘ambit’ legislation?
  • TPP trade deal vote comes to a crunch
  • MLA’s falsehood radio spray costs taxpayers $280,000
  • Magistrate reins in DPP’s wealth-confiscation avarice
  • Committee recommends new euthanasia law
  • ‘Copwatch’ aims to train a constant eye on police
  • Kiwis build rights-friend jail to cater for mentally ill prisoners
  • ODD SPOT: Stunning police save dandelions from vicious 87yo woman

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TWO COLUMN (print, read over a break)

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