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Sneaky way to ‘card’ the people

Sneaky way to ‘card’ the people

To use the 2014 eTax pre-filling option, you now have to create a myGov A/c and then within the myGov A/c you “link” to the ATO.

This is an underhanded way of getting everyone onto myGov – which appears to be the BigBrother equivalent of The AustraliaCard; which everyone objected to in the 1980s…. Hello!!!

– Patrice Coleman, Tasmania

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  1. I recently made a purchase online. The company than asked me to email them a photo ID to show my photograph, name and that I resided at the address I gave for delivery.
    The explanation given was to provide a higher level of security for both parties.
    I have several issues with this:
    This requirement isn’t obvious on their website;
    I don ‘t see how it protects my security;
    I plan to send a version of my drivers licence with all details apart from my name and address blacked out.
    Has anyone else experienced this? How do I know that the request is legitimate?

    Norman Hurst

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