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Tackle real problem

Tackle real problem

Keeping a low profile and practically invisible on the sidelines of the ongoing “one punch” political stoush about who intends imposing the most draconian penalties, brewers, distillers, club and pub proprietors and their lobbying coterie must be chortling in glee at their, so far, Teflon-like ability to escape all opprobrium (“Hanson takes on ‘coward’ hit thugs”, Canberra Times, January 22, p1).

The veneer of projected political legislative toughness, huff and puff, to reactively impose harsh penalties rather than proactively eliminate the all-night swilling, from which both the inebriated perpetrators and victims emerge in the wee small hours, is an exercise in do-nothing procrastination. It is beyond time “policy makers” acted on behalf of real citizens rather than their rent-seeking masters.

–  Albert M. White, Queanbeyan NSW

(ACT Opposition Leader) Jeremy Hanson wants perpetrators of one-punch attacks causing death to get 25 years’ jail. Does this mean that someone whose victim dies from head injuries caused by hitting the pavement after a single blow gets a heavier punishment than someone who beats his or her victim to a pulp with multiple blows?

– David Stephens, Bruce ACT

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